What We Believe

Core Beliefs: Salvation, Baptism in the Holy Spirit, Divine Healing and the Second Coming of Christ.

  Two years after its founding, the AG established 16 Fundamental Truths (which includes the four core beliefs) as a standard to reach, preach and teach its people.

Statement of Fundamental Truths

 1) The Scriptures Inspired

 2) The One True God

 3) The Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ

 4) The Fall of Man

 5) The Salvation of Man

 6) The Ordinances of the Church

 7) The Baptism in the Holy Spirit

 8) The Initial Physical Evidence of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit

 9) Sanctification

10) The Church and Its Mission

11) The Ministry

12) Divine Healing

13) The Blessed Hope

14) The Millennial Reign of Christ

15) The Final Judgment

16) The New Heavens and the New Earth

The truth set forth in this statement is held to be essential to a full-gospel ministry.  The Bible is our all-sufficient rule for faith and practice.

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